The VMB Edge

Finding time and resources tight? Valley Medical Billing is a great solution. Our billing experts can increase your efficiency, take complicated billing issues off your plate, and improve your returns.

The advantages of outsourcing

Let’s face it; medical billing is confusing, complicated, and always changing.  We are dedicated in staying up to date on the latest requirements and do everything it takes to get you paid. We troubleshoot the rules and bureaucracy of insurance companies, and take the time to explain bills to your patients. With our best practices at work for your business, you collect more at a lower cost and get paid faster. After all, when your cash flow improves, it’s much easier to stay focused on what’s most important—your patients.

Competitive Edge
Valley Medical Billing can provide the following benefits:

  • Certified Professional Biller on staff
  • Experience and Superior service
  • Complete practice analysis
  • HIPAA compliant
  • ICD-10 trained staff
  • Full service medical claims management
  • Charge, Adjustment, and Payment Tracking
  • Electronic Billing and Payment Remittance
  • Denial and Appeal Tracking

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